Chamex Copy 80 GSM/75 GSM/70 GSM Paper Manufacturer

Chamex paper is one of the preferred papers used for personal, professional work and school work. This format of paper is used by thousands of people across globe in different shape and size as per necessity. It's is one of the best quality paper available for writing. We are one of the leading and very trusted Chamex copy paper manufacturers Thailand. We are offering the same in A4 size as this specification is most in demand in the industry. We have many distribution points for this paper and major are located in Southeast Asia and Europe.

1. It is one of the best available papers for professional use; Chamex Multi guarantees superior performance while used in high-speed printing machine and printers.

2. It is Ideal for almost all daily writing and printing activities. Chamex Multi come with the guarantee to deliver perfect performance and quality prints.

3. This paper has resistant surface with perfect cut. It has the feature of balanced absorption, which helps in better slipping of paper through the printer. It restricts wastage of printer ink. This paper is made out of wood pulp of forests trees. The trees are 100% planted and also renewable. The wood fibers are well treated for obtaining the highest level of whiteness.

Uses of paper:
a) For Everyday Use in business
b) For Artistic Printing
c) Printing of any nature and type
d) Can be used as multipurpose paper
e) Can be used as Cut size Paper for writing
f) For Photo Copies
g) For use in any Artistic Activities

Brand: Chamex (Original) specifications:

    A. Available Sizes: A4 (measurements 210mm x 297mm)
    B. Chamex Multi Substance: 80gsm.
    C. Available Brightness: Ranges from 102-104% and above.
    D. Available Chamex Multi Color: Only white.
    E. Chamex Multi Copy paper: 70, 75 AND 80 Gsm.
    F. Printing option: Two-sides can be used for printing and gives the paper sheet high excellent opacity.
    G. Chamex Multi offers Smooth paper surface which helps in delivering sharp printing and copying.
    H. Chamex Multi offers moist protected wrapper.

    We managed to create a niche for us in the industry for offering quality Chamex paper. If you have requirement in bulk for this paper for your commercial or personal needs, feel free to connect with us. If you are looking for quotation before placing the order with us, shoot us a mail. We will mail you back in shortest possible time with the quotation. Our customer support is available 24x7 to answer all your queries and helping you in making the right selection of paper and volume. Call us today for more information.