Double A Copy Paper A4 80GSM 102-104%

We are one of the leading double a4 paper manufacturer and supplier of the Industry. We are glad to share that in this section of product we are expanding our business at a rapid speed and establishing a strong hold in the industry globally. We already have more than 100 points globally and China is one of the major importers of our double A 4 paper. As per market prediction chances are quite high that China will emerge as a future growth driver for this particular product in the industry for us.

We are trusted by millions of people across globe as double a4 paper wholesaler Thailand. Our manufactured Double A4 paper sets a high benchmark for the competitors because of its super smooth, high performance quality having a strong environmentally sustainable model. This format of paper is considered best for high-speed machines. We are constantly upgrading our manufacturing process to match the ongoing trends of the industry.

Double A4 comes with added bulk for delivering clear printing along with exceptional opacity. It will give high quality double sided printing and copying. We are offering this paper in different volumes based on the placed request of the clients. Some key features of the product include:

    A. Excellent Run-ability
    B. Fine Printing with absolute Sharpness
    C. Fast printing saves Time
    D. Delivers Bright Appearance to print
    E. Supports copier in serving for longer period
    F. Offers Two Sided Use benefits

    Product specifications:

    1. Double A4 Paper Weight: 80 GSM / 75 GSM / 70 GSM
    2. Double A4 paper Size of sheet: 210mm X 297mm
    3. Available Brightness of Double A4 Paper: 102-104%
    4. Common Size A4.
    5. Double A4 Paper Quality: We are Importing100% Virgin Wood Pulp Whiteness
    6. Speed of printing: Capable to deliver High Speed Copying 100ppm Laser, Inkjet, Fax.
    7. Double A4 Paper Thickness: 103-110 UM
    8. Surface roughness of Double A4 Paper: TS ml / min: from 75 to 175
    9. Surface roughness of Double A4 Paper: BS ml / min: 100-200
    10. Bending stiffness available for Double A4 Paper: MD> 110 Mn and CD> 50 Mn
    11. Double A4 Paper CIE whiteness: 148 to 152
    12. Double A4 Paper Cobb Test: 27-33 G / m2 27-33.

    We ensure to deliver quality products at best price to all our clients. For quotations please send us a mail and we will mail you back with details. We offer good discounts for bigger bulks. We will be happy to assist you in all your needs for double a4 paper.