IK Plus Copy Paper Manufacturer Thailand

We are one of most popular and trusted IK Plus copy paper manufacturers and supplier from Thailand. We managed to create a niche position for us in the industry with our high quality products which matched the expectations of the industry. We are having out dedicated production unit for this paper production.

Key features of the IK Plus copy paper:

  • Excellent Moisture Control capability - It Makes the sheet remain flat inside the copier and thereby enhances smooth run-ability.
  • The paper is having Low Dust Content - Such features help in reducing the cost of running the copier.
  • IK Plus copy paper is having excellent Opacity - The quality is brilliant for double sided copying
  • Super fine Smoothness - Supports in Improving the Quality of Printing
  • The Sheet is Bulky - Supports smooth run-ability

IK Plus copy paper Ideal for multipurpose use:

  • Use in Photocopier
  • Use in Laser Printer
  • Use in Fax Machine
  • Using in Ink-jet
  • Use for copying
  • Use for 2 side copying

IK Plus copy paper specification:

    A. Available Size of Sheet :210mm x 297mm/297mm x 420mm( It's the International Paper Standards Size(ISO) for A4 and A3 respectively)
    B. Paper Quality: Imported quality and use 100% Virgin Wood Pulp
    C. Paper Whiteness: Ranges berween102-104% and is Natural White
    D. Paper Grading: A
    E. Paper Thickness: 106cm
    F.. Printing Capability: High Speed Copying of 100ppm
    G. Best for use: Laser Capable, Inkjet Capable and Fax Capable.

Being in the industry and serving the same for so many years we are aware of the demands and expectations of the customers in need of this paper. If the requirement is in huge bulk and you want quotation before placing the order with us, feel free to send us a mail. We will get back to you with all details at shortest possible time.