Paperline Gold A4 Copy Paper

If you are in search of premium quality paper for your office printer and other documentation needs and which can give you value for money then we are surely going to take name of paperline gold a4 copy paper 80gsm. We are one of the trusted and very popular paperline gold a4 copy paper 80gsm manufacturers and supplier of the industry known for making this paper available in the market as per the demands of the customers. This paper is internationally recognized and used in various industries for multiple needs. The paperline gold a4 copy paper 80gsm is widely used in the countries like Thailand, Malaysia, South Korea, Taiwan, China, the United Arab Emirates and many other countries of the world.

Key specifications of paperline gold a4 copy paper 80gsm:

  • A. Original Brand: Paperline Gold
  • B. A4 Paper One Copy Paper 80Gsm : Substance G/M2 80 + - 2.5 and Substance Variation Cd
  • C. Paper Thickness Difference Cd % Equal To/Below 10
  • D. Paper Brightness: 100-102 %
  • E. Available color type: White
  • F. Paper Opacity %: Equal To/Below 90
  • G. This paper is Reliable and suitable for making use in multi-purpose needs
  • H. Offers High performance for printing/copying at both side
  • I. Offers Excellent quality image clarity & contrast
  • J. Absorbs Uniform toner/ink for providing good prints with absolute evenness
  • K. The paper is highly stable in performance dimensionally
  • L. Capable to offer Optimized smoothness for both surface
  • M. Offers Guaranteed hassle-free operation
  • N. The Size of sheet: 210mm x 297mm ( Measurement of International A4 size)
  • O. Reams available per box: 1 box contains 5 reams

  • Best for uses:

    1. For making Photocopy of documents
    2. For taking Laser Prints
    3. For taking Inkjet Prints>
    4. For sending Plain Fax

    The demand for this product is so high that we need to maintain a dedicated team for managing the distribution of paperline gold a4 copy paper 80gsm. We do not compromise with product quality and sentiment of the customers who rely on us for getting supply of genuine paperline gold paper. If you are looking for quotation for this paper from us then feel free to send us a mail with details about your requirement and the deadline within which you want the shipment to be completed. We will go through the requirement details and provide you with the quotation and the tentative period within which shipment can be done. Online wire transfer in our bank account will only be accepted for taking orders of bulk or volume.